Brandon Hollins

Product Designer. Animator of Prototypes and Wielder of Autolayout. Based in Jackson, Mississippi. Currently a Product Design Intern at SimplePractice. Join me on my journey of becoming a 10th level design wizard, and together we will slay painpoints and fire-breathing dragons alike.

SimplePractice Icon Refactor

As a member of the Design Systems team, I updated the iconography in the design system to create a single source of truth for both designers and engineers, resulting in a more intuitive experience for both teams.


M1 Finance Internship

Collaborated on a multi-disciplinary team and designed a visualization to highlight the amount of dividends a M1 user received during a given time period resulting in numerous positive reactions and prioritization of enhanced dividend features.



Designed a news platform and experience focused on reducing the average amount of time required to consume news in order to drive new user growth and increase revenue.


I love talking and learning from other professionals and design wizards. If you ever need an extra party member, just send me an email or dm!